Independent Agencies vs. Captive Agencies

October 25, 2019

Since I have been on both ends, this is a topic I could talk all day about but I’ll keep this one short.

A captive agency is one that represents one company for most of their products. These include State Farm, Country Insurance, American Family, Allstate, Farmers, and a many others. Even some of the companies I represent have 2 contracts. One is for a captive agency, the other for independent agencies.

Independent agencies contract with several companies.

It can be as few as 2 or 3 or as many as they can keep happy. My agency, Eden Insurance and Financial Services, works with around a dozen companies directly. We have access to many more through wholesale contracts, but that’s for another blog. There can be advantages to both, but I strongly favor the independent channel.

The fact of the matter is, life changes! Some people go through rough times. Some customers will start businesses, some won’t. Some will have life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance and many more needs that may not fall into one company’s appetite.

But the independent insurance agency doesn’t have that limitation (or at least not to the same degree).

You have a lot more options now than you do with a captive agent!

Have you ever been dropped due to claims, a young driver in the house, or given a horrible quote due to your credit being bad? Well, I have options for everyone’s situation.

Will I always be the least expensive option? NO! That’s my honest side showing.

But it has been my experience that pretty close to 90% of the time I have a very competitive rate with great coverage options. We also have a lot of the options that you see advertised. Want a disappearing deductible? Want guaranteed replacement coverage for your home? Want new car replacement? Want to save more by proving you are a low mileage driver? Want several of these options?!? Then we’re your agency and I’m your agent!

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