The EDEN Method of Analyzing Your Insurance

May 29, 2020

E: Examine

D: Deductibles

E: Endorsements

N: Numbers

How we look at your policies:

We examine your needs and your current main coverages. Are they sufficient? Do you have any gaps in your main coverage? Any changes that may require a look? Are your liability limits high enough? Do you need to add an Umbrella policy?

Deductibles will affect how much you pay on each insurance bill, but also your out of pocket cost if a claim comes up. Are they at the level you are comfortable with?

Endorsements (adding coverage back on to your policy) are just as important as the main coverages. Do you want, and have the coverages that would be important should a claim arise? Auto would include towing, vehicle rental, safety glass coverage, OEM parts, and more. Home would include water backup, earthquake, scheduled items, guaranteed replacement on the home, and more.

Numbers: After all the above are addressed, then we look at the numbers. What you pay for your insurance is obviously important, but it won’t matter if you’re ignoring the other aspects above (your needs, coverage, deductibles, and endorsements). We look at what all the carriers have to offer and find you the best rate without sacrificing coverage, deductibles, or endorsements.

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