The EDEN Method of Comparing Quotes

July 09, 2020

How to compare quotes and make sure you’re receiving a good deal without getting a bad policy:

  1. Examine:
    Examine the main coverages of your policy. Are the liability limits the same? Are all drivers and vehicles listed? Or, use an agent like us to do this for you. You’re not expected to be proficient in insurance, that is our job! So, let us help you.
  2. Deductibles:
    Do they match? Many companies raise deductibles and hope you don’t notice so you’ll see a better rate. If you’re comfortable raising it, great. Take the savings! Do the deductibles show at all? If not, they may not be giving you all the coverages you asked for.
  3. Endorsements:
    Do you still have all the same optional coverages? Is your extended replacement or guaranteed replacement still on the policy? Are the coverage amounts on these endorsements the same or better?
  4. Numbers:
    Once you’ve looked at all the above to make sure you’re not getting a bad policy, then look at the rate comparison. We all want to save money, but what good does it do you if you end up spending thousands out of pocket, 15% of your income is gone, or you go bankrupt after a claim because you ignored one or more of the above.

    Always keep in mind, that having a good agent in your corner when a claim happens can be a huge help. Sometimes companies or adjusters don’t explain things well. Sometimes people make mistakes. Sometimes you have to take a long term look at a situation to determine how to handle an accident or claim.

    A good professional agent can help you navigate these situations in an appropriate way that will factor in the good, the bad, and the long term affects. By using a good agent, you’re getting access to professional advice when the situations arise. When you don’t have an agent at all, you don’t have anyone in your corner besides yourself when a claim or coverage question arises. That doesn’t mean everything will be covered if you have an agent, but it does mean you’ll get good advice, and when needed you will have someone in your corner to help. At Eden Insurance, our agents are the best of the best. There’s nobody else you’d want in your corner.

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