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Why Private Event Insurance?

Have you ever had a sleepless night worrying about what could go wrong with your event?  No matter how carefully you plan, there are so many things that could go wrong-things beyond your control.

What if your venue goes out of business a month before your event, and you lose your deposit and have to find another location?  What if a hurricane or tornado forces you to postpone or cancel your event?  What if your caterer doesn’t show up?

The Protector Plan® for Events can help ensure your special event is worry-free!®

What does this plan cover?  See this brochure for more details:
Private Events Brochure

How much does the plan cost?  There are several factors that go into the rating.  Contact us or see this brochure for rates:
Private Events Rate Chart

Would you like us to help you with putting a plan and rate together?  Start with this form:
Private Events Coverage Consultation.pdf

Are you comfortable with the plan and ready to purchase the coverage for your event?  You can contact us or purchase the plan online at:

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